Note from the Publisher

Looking to the future

By Mary Ann Hanlon, Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Easthampton/South Hadley/Southampton, Macaroni Kid Amherst/Northampton, and Macaroni Kid Deerfield/Greenfield June 21, 2022

I am so sad to say that as of July 1st, I will be stepping down as Publisher for Macaroni Kid Deerfield/Greenfield!  Although this is my 2nd to the last newsletter with the Deerfield/Greenfield, if you are interested in taking over as Publisher for the Deerfield/Greenfield, please apply here:

Thank you for the opportunity to bring you the family-friendly events and activities happening in the Deerfield/Greenfield area, as well as, crafts, recipes, informative articles, and much more over the last year and a half.

Enjoy your week,

-Mary Ann