Macaroni Medals

By Michelle Melnik; Macaroni Kid Deerfield/Greenfield July 26, 2012
I don't do a lot of crafts with macaroni, but sometimes we have a box of macaroni hidden in the pantry and it expires.  So we use it for crafts.  These macaroni medals were made with only a few supplies:  Cardboard (we used cardboard from our recycling bin), pasta, glitter glue in gold and silver, paintbrush (optional).

We used the cap from an empty jar and traced a circle on our cardboard.  We cut out the circle and put the glitter glue on another piece of paper and simply rolled the macaroni in it with our fingers.  If this sounds too messy, kids can also use a paintbrush.  We also added some glitter glue to the cardboard circle, then pressed the macaroni onto the cardboard circle.  Once dry, use a hole punch and make a hole in the top of your medal and add your ribbon.