Recycled Magazine Page Pinwheels

April 19, 2021

This week’s recycled craft began as newspaper flowers, but then I realized that almost all the recycled crafts I’m sharing with you are flowers.  So instead of the newspaper flowers, we did spinning pinwheels, and we did them on a perfectly sunny breezy day.


- Pages from old magazines or newspaper (we used magazines because the pages were not as thin as newspaper).

- Scissors

- Liquid glue

- Hole punch

- Crayons (optional – children can color and/or decorate the pages, but we just used the magazine pages. My daughter looked through the magazine and chose the pages that she wanted to use).

- Stick

- Pipe cleaner


- Cut your magazine or newspaper pages into a square (approximately 6 x 6), but we didn’t measure anything, and they came out great.

- Draw a line from each corner of the square to almost the center of the square, but leave a good size center, then cut along the lines.

- Put some liquid glue in the center of the square.  Then bring the left side of each corner to the center (without folding them).  Hold down for a minute or so to allow the glue to dry.

- When dry, make a hole punch in the center.

- Wrap a pipe cleaner (we cut the pipe cleaner in half) around the stick two times, then remove.

- Place the other side of the pipe cleaner through the center hole, then wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick.

And it really does spin (on a perfectly sunny breezy day ... the magazine pages are probably too thin to work on a real windy day).

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